4 Perfect Breeds of Birds

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Birds can make great pets. They are beautiful to look at and are extremely interesting animals but there are so many different species out there where would you even start. We decided to list some of our favourite with some facts in case you are struggling to make a decision. As always we advice that you make sure you have the time to commit to any animal before you make a decision. Birds require just as much care, love and attention as any cat or dog.


Cockatiles are affectionate birds and love nothing more than getting a snuggle and scratched on the back of their heads. They don’t eat a lot so keeping bird like this can be slightly cheaper than other breeds although regular vet check ups are required which can be expensive. Cockatiels love to socialise so letting them out of their cage once a day is advisable.



African Grey Parrots

The African Grey Parrot is a really intelligent bird. They are sensitive and quiet natured. There are two sub species of African Grey Parrot. The Timneh African Grey and the Congo African Grey.
The African Grey isn’t as large as other parrots which is why some many people prefer to keep this breed as pets. Like all bird the African Grey can sense when its owner is upset so don’t be surprised if they come over to give you a cuddle to cheer you up.




Budgerigars are also known as Budgies or Parakeets. These birds are playful and cost a lot less than other species of birds. Budgies are a perfect fit for many households. They are small and relatively quite. Another plus is that they are very unlikely to destroy your furniture or other things you have in your home.


Probably the most recognisable species on this list the Blue and Gold Macaw are a really popular breed of pet parrot. The Macaws is full of personality and fun. They have the ability to talk and poke fun at their owners. Larger Macaws are more time consuming and expensive but they are also really rewarding animals to keep as pets.

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