5 Tips for First Time Cat Owners

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Cats make great pets. Not only are they cuddly (well some of them) and beautiful they also serve some other purposes. If you live in the countryside then they will keep mice away which is pretty handy. SO if you are new to cats then here are a couple of out top tips before you make any commitments.

Cats are Independent

Although cats are independent animals they cant quite looks after themselves completely once they become house trained. Make sure you have the time to commit to any animal before you make the purchase. Do a bit of research into cats breeds. If you have a busy lifestyle or a hectic job then some breeds will  be better suited to your needs than others.

Cats Love To Play

Get some toy mice, feathers, string, papers or even empty boxes for your cat. A cat will entertain itself for hours with things to play with. They don’t need to be expensive. I once had a cat who loved nothing more than playing with the newspaper (my Dad ┬ádidn’t like this though.) Cats are intelligent animals and they need to be entertained or you might find they become bored and start getting up to mischief. The devil makes work for idol paws.

Get a Scratching Post

If you don’t want your couch to get torn into a 1000 pieces then take our advice and invest in a scratching post. Hopefully that will stop your cat from sharpening its claws on your brand spanking new leather sofa.


Take your new furry friend out to get groomed but if you are planning to get a kitten then start as early as possible. That way your cat will see this as part of its routine and it could even be something that they enjoy rather than the latter. If you have ever seen a Vet after giving a bad tempered feline its shots then you will know exactly what we mean.

Litter Box

Get a decent litter box. Clumping litter is easier to clean up. Keep the box as clean as you can both for the comfort of your cat but also to help your nose out. Also always make sure your cat is eating age appropriate food. If you are unsure then you should ask in your local pet shop. They will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

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