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Animals are amazing. You know that. We know that and we love nothing more than funny animal stories which show how remarkable these creatures are. Here are some of our favourite so whether you are cuckoo for birds or feline crazy we’re sure you’ll find a stories here which will back you laugh.

Dog Diva


Lu Lu the dog isn’t your normal miniature pinscher she has insisted on walking on its two hind legs. Not only is that remarkable enough she wont go anywhere without her handbag! Lu Lu can walk on four legs but she chooses not to. She loves nothing more than strutting her stuff down the streets of Zhumadain in China clutching her teddy bear bag.



Crime Fighting Parrot

Russian interpreter Gennadi Kurkal was being robbed but his pet parrot came to the rescue. Thieves had tried to steal Kurkal’s wallet in his London home by reaching through an open window but they were stopped in their tracks but his pet parrot Kuyza. The bird let out an ear shattering screech which scared the would be thieves who fled the scene of the crime.

Miracle Dog

A dog clung to the inside of a car engine for a whopping 60 mile journey. The dog survived by clinging to the grille of a Peugeot306 in Coleraine, Belfast.

The driver had heard a thud while driving on the dual carriageway but when he cpouldnt see anything on the raod he continued his journey blissfully unaware that he now had a passanger. When he arrived at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast he could hear barking coming from the bonnet of his car.

The dog was obviously unhappy at he ordeal it went through and was lovingly named Father Jack after the grumpy priest from Father Ted. Father Jack was shaken by the ordeal by completely unharmed. What a lucky dog!

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