Top 5 Dog Breeds for Families

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Dogs are amazing. We all love dogs and the right breed of dog can be the perfect addition to a young family. Pets can help your children to learn about responsibility and other life lessons that will carry through into their adult life. In saying that though you may spend some time trying to figure out what breed of dog is the best to introduce to your family. Well here are some breeds you should consider before making the commitment.


Boxer’s love children and they love people. Boxers are full of energy and affection but they require long walks so if you have children who haven’t quite made it school yet or might not be able to keep up with this interaction then maybe consider another breed.






A Mastiff is the perfect family pet. Otherwise known as a gentle giant this breed will bond instantly with its family and thrive on love and affection. However both male and female Mastiff’s can grow to 91cm so make sure your home can handle the size of one of these fully grown dogs.







Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a really popular breed and I’m sure you have seen many families walking theirs round the park on Sunday morning. They are packed full of energy and always eager to please their owners. If you have a family who have a lot of energy to burn then chasing you Labrador Retriever around the surrounding fields and parks might be exactly what you are after.





The Dalmation is is full of fun and quite possibly one of the most recognisable breeds in existence. Loves to run, frolic, jump, swim and play fetch. If you live in the countryside and are lucky enough to own horses aDalmation would be the prefect addition to your family. Dalmations love horses.




Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is loyal, has a clm demeanor and is a really affectionate breed. IT does do quite a bit of drooling but if you can move past that then this would be a great breed for your family.




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